"We can only survive with meaningful justice and having our rights fulfilled"
- Riham, Yazidi Genocide Survivor
Since March 2020, the Yazidi Justice Committee (YJC) has been investigating allegations of genocide committed against the Yazidis from early 2013 by the armed group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) and the Republic of Iraq (Iraq).

YJC’s primary objective was to determine whether the alleged violations of international law relating to genocide can be brought before a court of law in order that States who may be legally responsible for the commission of, or failure to prevent, the possible genocide of the Yazidis, are held accountable in addition to individual perpetrators.

YJC is comprised of the following organisations: Accountability Unit, Women for Justice, IBA Human Rights Institute, Bar Human Rights Committee, Geoffrey Nice Foundation.
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"The work of the Yazidi Justice Committee has made us very pleased, proud and stronger as a Yazidi community. We now know that you do not need to be Yazidi to struggle for justice for a community who is suffering from genocide. The Committee’s collective work allows us to believe that others, and especially states, will also come forth and join us in our hope and struggle for a fairer and more peaceful world."
- Dr Leyla Ferman, CEO Women for Justice
"It is the first time that I have learned that anyone is focusing on the issue of state responsibility concerning the Yazidi genocide. We believe that we need to be brave enough to name perpetrators and all those who failed to protect the Yazidis and especially if those responsible were states."
- Farida: Yazidi Genocide Survivor

Part of pilgrimage side in Northern Sinjar

Inside the school of Kocho

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